Spirit Night

Spirit Nights are a tried and true way to help schools raise money in a fun and interactive way. During a Spirit Night, teachers, faculty, staff, students and their families all visit Catfish Station during a specified time. In turn, Catfish Station donates a percentage of those sales back to the school.

We would be delighted to serve your school at one of our Catfish Station dine-in locations.

  • Pick a date and time; Monday or Tuesday, 4PM – 9PM
  • Submit your request via the contact form below or on Group Raise
  • Promote your event with Catfish Station Houston Spirit Night flyers
  • Enjoy Catfish Station and receive 15% of all sales generated by your school

Catfish Station Houston Spirit Night | Catfish Station Houston | Made to Order Seafood Houston | Houston Catering

Tips for Success

  • Provide details about your Catfish Station Spirit Night in any e-newsletter you send to supporters, and include details about your fundraising goal. Therefore, sharing a specific goal will help motivate your supporters to attend.
  • Most of all, promote your Catfish Station Spirit Night to supporters using social media and encourage family and friends to attend. As a result, your donation from Catfish Station will increase when more guests dine at the specified time.
  • Consider inviting a special guest, local celebrity or entertainer to be part of your Catfish Station Spirit Night to help drive attendance.
  • In addition, send your local newspaper the details about your Catfish Station Spirit Night fundraiser, and ask them to feature the fundraiser in their events section. Especially relevant, send your spirit night event to bloggers.

What You Get

  • 15% donation to your school for all sales generated by your participating friends and family members
  • Flyers to promote the event

Pre – Spirit Night

To ensure the speedy delivery of your funds it’s really important to review your spirit night information prior to your event to make sure the information is correct. Catfish Station will send your check to the address listed included with your spirit night submission!

Post – Spirit Night

It’s important to keep in mind that Catfish Station has a lot on their plate, due to our day to day operations! Please try to be patient, knowing that we are diligently working to ensure that everyone is satisfied. After your fundraiser Catfish Station will calculate your total sales in order to determine your donation amount as per the decided percentage. Catfish Station will then send your group a check for the raised funds. This should arrive between 4-6 weeks after your event, although it may even arrive sooner!

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